The church began in 1962, when five families joined together to form the American Protestant Church of Antwerp. The change in name to Antwerp International Protestant Church in 2001 indicates one of the major changes that has occurred in the church since its beginning in 1962. The church that began as a group of Americans now is made up of people from around 40 different countries.


The church has also moved locations several times: from a home, to the British Sailor’s Society building, to the Swedish Seaman’s Chapel. Now, since 1987, AIPC meets for worship at Antwerp International School in Ekeren.


Like most international churches, AIPC has always been an independent, English-speaking congregation. Over 15 pastors from various denominational backgrounds have served the church over its history.


Though the name, location, members, and pastors have all changed over the years, the church remains rooted in the same good news of Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

When many people hear the word “church” they think of something negative. When they hear the word “Protestant” many people have a blank. What is a Protestant Church? We’ll do our best to explain it here. We also invite you to experience it. Skeptics are always welcome. We are convinced that God is real and the good news of Jesus Christ is truly good. Therefore church can and should also be good. Read More


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