AIPC Weekly Update

Dear AIPC Family,

On Sunday I enjoyed our time of worship, a wonderful welcome lunch, and a great conversation on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 (about sex) with our small group in the evening. That will be the passage I preach next Sunday. 

There was one family I saw serving in four different ways on Sunday. We love you and appreciate you! Sermon

The passage was 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13. Problems with the computer and the remote on Sunday led to a sermon that was not as clear as I would like. The main idea was that if we have faith, hope, and love that's all we need on our bucket list. The faith, hope, and love of the Thessalonians in the midst of suffering led Paul to say in his own suffering, "Now we really live." Faith, hope, and love are what give life meaning and all we need before we die. 


  • Retreat. Take a look and send me an email if you would like to join. We have a good number of participants. I will be happy to include more.

  • A class for people interested in joining the church or getting baptized will meet after the worship service for about 45 minutes on the following dates: October 13, October 20, and November 3. I have already heard from a few people who plan to take part.

  • AIPC's youth meet this Sunday, October 13 at Jan's home, Moretuslei 32, Ekeren at 13:00.

  • The book club of AIPC's youth meets at Jan's place on Wednesday, October 16 at 13:00.

  • A Worship Night, organized by Lifeline, is planned for October 19th. Flyers are available for you to take home and invite your friends! 

  • You can find, follow, and share AIPC, Lifeline, and AIPC Youth on facebook and instagram.

  • We had a wonderful welcome lunch on Sunday. Welcome to those who are new to the church. And thank you to those who hosted, cooked, and welcomed. We have such great people in the church - those who have been around for years and those who are just joining.


  • Watch. Check out the videos created by the Bible Project. These are excellent introductions to the books and themes of the Bible. Since we're working through 1 Thessalonians, start with the following video introducing the letter.

Prayers and Praises

  • We pray for Ayesha, whose husband Jim joined the Lord in glory last week. Jim was a man inspired by faith, hope, and love. We pray that faith, hope, and love will sustain Ayesha now. A member of the church happened to come across th video of Jim reading the Scripture at the service where I was installed as pastor two years ago. Jim is now experiencing the unspeakable glories that the passage talks about.

  • For the mothers of the world and all their joys and sufferings.

  • Strength and comfort to the parents and friends of Julie.

  • Peace in the USA, Iraq, and elsewhere.

  • The healing mercies of God for all who are sick.

  • For Momo's Ghanian friend who is awaiting his visa.

  • Traveling mercies for Paul in his travels to Ghana.

  • For Joe, whose work and residency permits have been denied and he has been told to leave the country.

  • For growth in love.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Zeke

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