What we do


As a church, our central activity is worship. What is worship? When your team scores a goal, you jump to your feet and cheer. This is what we do in worship. We enjoy God more by praising him for who he is and what he has done. Just like you are welcome to attend a sports event before you really understand the rules of the game, you are also welcome to attend a worship service before you understand or believe what it is about.


Music is a part of our worship. So is prayer, when we speak to God as a loving Father.  When you attend a worship service, you can also expect a thoughtful sermon based on a passage from the Bible. Children learn in classes for their age group. Child care is available for the youngest ones. After a worship service many people talk over a cup of coffee.

The Life of the Church

Church is much more than the gathering on Sunday. Below is a partial list of some of the othernthings that are a part of our life as a church. These are not part of our worship service, but they are a part of worship, a life lived for God.

Hospitality is important to our life together as a church. People often meet together for coffee or a meal.

The Church in the World

The God at the center of our worship, prayer, and community life leads us to care for others, so we partner with others in making a difference in the world. Our assistant pastor Jan leads us in ministry with refugees in Antwerp. We partner with ministries working with women caught in sex trafficking and prostitution in Antwerp, a hospital providing medical care for the poor in Gabon, and more

Who We Are

When many people hear the word “church” they think of something negative. When they hear the word “Protestant” many people have a blank. What is a Protestant Church? We’ll do our best to explain it here. We also invite you to experience it. Skeptics are always welcome. We are convinced that God is real and the good news of Jesus Christ is truly good. Therefore church can and should also be good. Read More


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