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Our Foundational Beliefs

As an international, interdenominational church, we emphasize the beliefs that all Christians have held in common throughout history.


We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator of all things, source of all goodness and beauty, truth and love. We believe God is just, holy, and loving.

The Word of God

The source of what we believe and the authority for how we live is the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Good news

We believe in this good news. We also believe in the importance of doing good deeds, which flow naturally from the experience of the grace of God.

God's Son

We believe in God's Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, who became fully human for us and reveals God's sacrificial love to us. He was raised from the dead and lives forever.


Jesus is our teacher and guide, our Lord and Savior. We seek to follow his teachings and live his beautiful way of life.


We believe in the church, God's people in all times and places united to Christ and to one another by one Spirit. As the church, we worship, grow, love, and reach out to the world in mission.

Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit, God's great gift to those who surrender their lives to Him. The indwelling Spirit gives understanding, renewal, power, and assurance.


We believe in salvation by grace, the forgiveness of sins, and a life transformed.

Kingdom of God

We believe in the kingdom of God, the resurrection from the dead, and eternal life in the presence of God.

Of course, there are many more things we believe. We invite you to explore. What would it be like to believe and live this way of life?

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