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Our Mission

Jesus was known as a teacher. He called people to follow him. He taught his followers to tell the truth, to show compassion, to be faithful, to be willing to sacrifice, and above all to love. Love sums up everything. Jesus taught about life in God's Kingdom. He also demonstrated what this looks like by giving his life for the world.

Our mission as a church is to live a beautiful way of life that Jesus taught and modeled for us. This includes inviting others to join this new life in Christ.

“Our mission is to make disciples of the nations of Antwerp, who make disciples of the nations of the world.”

This sums up what we are about. Following some of Jesus's final words on earth, we make disciples of all nations, teaching them to live out Jesus' way of life. And they share this good news wherever they go.

Our Central Activity as a church is worship. What is worship? When your sports team scores a goal, you celebrate. When you see the good things God does, you celebrate. Even more important, when you come to know who God is, you celebrate. Worship is not just a celebration, though, it is the complete orientation of your life around the reality of God.

From our worship of God comes everything else:

our community life, concern for justice, helping those in need, and everything else.

Our Partners in Mission

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