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Our Story

The water in a river changes over time, but it’s still the same river. The people who make up the church change over time (no one is still around since it was founded in 1962), but it’s still the same church. And as the course of a river changes slowly over time, the shape and feel of the church also slowly change.

Antwerp International Protestant Church is an accurate name:

  • We have been meeting for worship in the theatre of Antwerp International School for over 30 years. We love and pray for our city.

  • We are International, with people from over 40 nations making up our community.

  • We are Protestant, meaning that our faith and practice are based on the principles of the Protestant Reformation. "Protestant" includes many branches: Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, Presbyterian, Reformed, etc. We have members from all of those backgrounds.

  • We are a church, a community built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

We describe our identity in three points:

  1. Growing in the Good News of Jesus Christ. This means that we are Christ-centered, grace-focused, and living a devoted life.

  2. Loving One Another as the Church. This means that we are diverse, united, and hospitable.

  3. Reaching Out to the World in Mission. This means that we share the good news of Jesus, do good deeds in the world, and pursue God’s glory.


The current pastors have been serving the church since 2014 and 2017. God has blessed the church with a season of fruitful growth, especially among teenagers, young adults, and young families.

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