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Our Ministries

At Antwerp International Protestant Church, you can become an active part of our church community by getting involved in one or more of our ministries or small groups. Each ministry or group offers unique opportunities for personal growth, meaningful connections, and making a positive impact. Here are some of our ministry teams.

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Worship Ministry

The central thing we do as a church is stand in awe of God. This is worship, to reflect back God’s goodness to him with our praise and thanks. Our big gathering for worship takes place every Sunday morning.

Children Ministry

Babies and Children are welcome in the church, and we have a lot of them! We have a nursery for the youngest, while the other children go out for classes taught at their level while the adults listen to the sermon.

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Youth Ministry

Teenagers are fully involved in the life of the church. They play instruments and sing, they help with children’s ministry, and more. We also have a separate youth ministry to help them grow in friendships and in faith.

Small Groups

Small groups of various types meet regularly: for healing and growth, in-depth learning, and more.

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Men and Women

The men of the church meet once a month for a breakfast with lively conversation about life and faith. The women of the church meet once a month on an evening for food and conversation about the things that matter most.


Refugees are at home in the church, serving and growing alongside everyone else. We have special outreach and support for those who have come to Belgium as refugees.

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