Who we are

​Antwerp International Protestant Church is an accurate name. We live in and around Antwerp, Belgium. We are truly international, with people from around 40 nations worshiping together. We are Protestant, following the example of those who worked to reform the Catholic church several hundred years ago. We are a church, a community centered around Jesus Christ.

Never been to a Protestant church? Not sure what to expect? Not sure if anything we believe could possible be true? Come visit! Bring your questions and doubts with you. You can also check out videos of our worship services on the resources page of the site.

We define our identity as a church in three groups of three statements


We Are Growing in the Good News of Jesus Christ


We Love One Another as the Church


We Reach Out to the World in Mission

Christ - Centered

Any other vision is too small. We care about a lot of things, but Jesus Christ himself is our vision. We want to know Jesus Christ and become like him. We seek to live the beautiful life that Jesus taught and modelled for us.


Spirituality goes wrong when it focuses on rules. It also goes wrong when it says to just follow your heart. Our spiritual life is based on something entirely different than either of these—the grace of God, given freely through Jesus Christ.

Devoted Life

The free gift of Jesus Christ calls us to surrender and dedicate our lives to him. Through various spiritual practices we are all on the journey to becomemore and more like Christ.


The people of the church come from many nations, languages, and cultures. We are all ages. We come from all religious and philosophical beliefs. All are discovering grace in Christ.


We are very diverse, but we are united as one through the Spirit of God. To maintain unity, we practice patience, forgiveness, and love.


People joining for the first time feel welcomed and loved, as if they are with a new family. Members of the church are often in each other’s homes, sharing life together.


We seek to explain why we believe Christian faith is good and true. We respectfully and intelligently discuss other views of the world. Skeptics and seekers are always welcome.


Members of the church show compassion to people in need in Antwerp and around the world.

Pursuing God’s Glory

In the end, it’s not about us. It’s about God. How wonderful that God loves us!

Our Mission is to make disciples of the nations of Antwerp, who make disciples of the nations of the world.

Who We Are

When many people hear the word “church” they think of something negative. When they hear the word “Protestant” many people have a blank. What is a Protestant Church? We’ll do our best to explain it here. We also invite you to experience it. Skeptics are always welcome. We are convinced that God is real and the good news of Jesus Christ is truly good. Therefore church can and should also be good. Read More


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