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't Kruispunt


Welcome to 't Kruispunt

On June 2nd 2024 we opened 't Kruispunt, our meeting and office space during the week. 't Kruispunt was envisioned as a place where our community can come together, work, and grow. On this picture, from left to right, the mayor of the district of Ekeren in Antwerp, Pastor Zeke Nelson and Pastor Jan Witsel.

Why the name 't Kruispunt?

It was inspired by the following factors:

  • The street name is Groot Hagelkruis

  • Kruispunt means "intersection" or meeting place

  • Kruis means "cross"

  • Two members of our church came up with the name independently.

We are excited to share this beautiful space with you and look forward to the many ways it will serve our community.


Our teenagers meet and spend time together at 't Kruispunt. It is not only the teenagers who meet here. Every member of our community is welcome here. 't Kruispunt is more than just a building; it's a place where we connect and grow together.

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